The Pros and Cons of Wooden Garage Doors

Classic and beautiful wodden garage doors can be a popular choice for adding character and curb appeal to your home. With many unique features and options this type of garage door can add a customized look to your garage. As with any option there are some pros and cons to keep in mind when considering a wooden garage door for your home.


  • Customization. Wooden garage doors can be created  to meet any preferences or specifications. Unique finishes and woodworking can create a visual that can match existing features of your home, right down to the finish of the natural materials on your house including the grooves or windows. They also are a good choice for homeowners because they can accommodate garage floors that aren’t quite level.
  • Aesthetics. The unique aspect of a wooden garage door is that it can be custom designed to match any home. Wood choices are endless, but some popular choices include fir, redwood, cedar, and alder. In addition to the various wood choices, hardware can be added to fit any exterior style. Think hinges, handles, door studs or knockers to add a unique flair to your custom creation. A wooden door can also be designed to open as a swinging, sliding or folding door. The unique options are endless.
  • Durability. Although wooden doors often aren’t thought of  to be as durable as some of the other options, with regular maintenance, these garage doors can withstand the test of time and rival the lifespan of other garage door materials. The treatment of the natural material can increase the lifespand on your garage door against bending, distorting or rotting.
  • Eco-Friendly. If going green weighs heavily on your decision a wooden garage door can be a highly eco-friendly option depending on the wood you choose.
  • Repairs. One of the great things about wooden garage doors is that frequently they can be easily repaired without replacing the entire garage door. Usually a repair can replace only the damaged portion or panel, meaning less money spent.
  • Manual or automatic. Both types are available and may be a better option depending on available space.
  • Changeability. With all of the unique features like handles, hinges, knockers and finishes the possibilities are endless. Wooden doors are easily changed and refinished to match your changing style.
  • Efficiency. Choosing wood as a material allows for a natural sound barrier. A wood garage door can reduce noise pollution and the flush-style wooden doors allow them to be very energy efficient. They can withstand temperature changes and therefore can help to reduce your energy bills.


  • Pricing. Since many wood garage doors are custom creations they are sometimes more expensive than the pre-manufactured competitors.
  • Time. Due to the custom nature of these garage doors there is more time required from your decision to purchase a garage door and its eventual installation. They require time for building and are not readily available.
  • Safety. Wooden garage doors are very heavy by nature. This could post a safety concern, but with the proper size garage door opener and adequate springs to support the weight this concern can be greatly reduced.
  • Maintenance. Wood garage doors do require regular upkeep. This is necessary to prevent rotting or breakdown of the material.
  • Efficiency.  Although a wood garage door provides some insulation it does not perform the insulation of steel garages that can be further insulated in their core.

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