The Pros and Cons of Sectional Garage Doors

The sectional garage door is easily the most popular garage door type today. As the name implies this garage door is made up of different sections, usually 4 or 5. These panels are held together along the edges with hinges that also hold the rollers in place, which open and close the door along its tracks.

Structure of sectional garage door











  • Space. Like the roll-up garage door this model can work well with a small space. These doors don’t swing out so it allows for more space outside and cars can be parked close to the door itself. However, due to the track of this garage door it will take up a little more space inside the garage door than a roll-up.
  • Safety. Without an extension spring and with the ability to operate this door automatically it is less potentially hazardous.
  • Aesthetics. A wide range of materials, colors and finishes are available.
  • Customization. There is a huge range of different options for the sectional garage door from types of panels, window options and designs.
  • Manual or automatic. Both types are available and may be a better option depending on available space.
  • Changeability. If you want your door painted a different color in the future this type is easier to change than the roll-up model.
  • Efficiency. Availability as an insulated door means reducing your heating and cooling costs.


  • Pricing. Depending on the customization options chosen a sectional garage door can become the most expensive type.

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